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   The first Shengzhuo cultural creative Co. Ltd mainly refers to the creative activities of the creative. Creativity is held an impressive major premise, and the role of creative theme for the celebration is like "dotting", are all around this theme and creative planning and planning follow-up design. Therefore, the Shengzhuo cultural in the planning of celebration activities need creativity. If there is no creative activity planning is like a dragon without eyes, so it can not be called a complete excellent planning activities.


A、 timely manner: celebrations have a timely question. The choice of a good time can be considerably enhanced, the ceremony activity effect. Such as corporate celebrations usually take the opportunity of enterprise development, market timing combine to consider the celebration activities and market timing. Some ceremonies are fixed, such as festivals, anniversaries, etc., which can only be delayed in advance. Some celebrations have to be chosen. Such as opening, completion, start-up and other ceremonies, in addition to the preparatory work, but also to consider the important leaders, guests can attend, climate and festivals and other factors.


B、 moderate: celebration is a ceremonial activity. The relevant departments of the Chinese government has made provisions: to strictly control the implementation of the declaration and examination and approval system. At the same time there must be a sense of quality, too much ceremony, too much will affect the quality and effectiveness of celebration activities. The ceremony also meet the scale and form and unit strength, project size, the size of the venue, geographical location and other conditions, but not to get a large engineering scale celebration would be self defeating, mockery.


C, grand: ceremony is a warm and solemn ceremony requires a certain degree of grand enthusiasm. This can not only inspire but also expand the impact. In the field layout, form selection, procedures and other aspects of the arrangement, and strive to create a grand, warm, festive, harmonious atmosphere. At the same time, we must strive to be innovative and creative. The celebration of the general can not leave a deep impression is unlikely to achieve impressive results.