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The upgrading of consumption, in short, as income levels increase, consumer spending and lifestyle changes, consumption concept and behavior change, put forward higher requirements on products and services at the same time, the consumer market supply side has structural change, experiential consumption is gradually recognized by the public. For the tourism industry, more rational consumer behavior, the homogenization of tourism products gradually eliminated, substantially more than the GDP growth rate, the industry overall premise to be optimistic about the overall growth rate, more and more consumers are inclined to free.



    In this case, even if the Songcheng performing earnings situation is not pessimistic, but how to performing products through continuous upgrading of entertainment content and experience, to 85, 90 after growing consumer market consumer preferences, cultural packaging to coat, and deal with scenic spots, the theme park industry competition, including the global cultural entertainment group influx and the rapid growth of the domestic game player (in addition to "Travel + entertainment", and the title and brand, brand, brand and so on the wonders of the ocean play all kinds of competitors, not to mention the body hides large amounts of money to real estate tycoon do.) Become an urgent problem of Songcheng performing arts.


In the first half of 2016, Songcheng scenic fit revenue more than mission revenue, Songcheng has gradually become a milestone in the tide of consumer upgrades. The solution to the Songcheng show is: