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First, the opening ceremony of the theme of the party: innovative life, control wonderful.


Two, the party atmosphere decorate positioning: high grade, international and comprehensive


Three, the purpose of the party: for the majority of friends to further interpretation and interpretation of "XX (XX) International Exhibition" this is full of dreams and passion of the brand. In a new form to show the spirit of China as an important XXX industrial base and status. For the official station to do public opinion.



Four, the artistic features of the party: elegance, atmosphere, enthusiasm, innovation


Five, the atmosphere: using music, lighting and stage devices, led mobile screen wall, into fashion in a car culture, will work closely with the people, vehicles, culture, geographical features and the perfect combination of creative thinking. Focus on the "people - car - life," the pursuit of fashion life.


Six, the party process:


1, the host in the party will be the rapid development of China's xxx industry as a review and outlook.


2, interspersed with celebrity guest interviews, such as witness the history of the first generation of XXX manufacturing representative interviews


3, in the development of China's automobile industry in the important character interviews


4, star fans celebrity fans representatives, etc., in order to combine the literary and artistic programs, to create more attractions and highlights, a full range of the endless charm of the show car, taste the car to bring people enjoyment and fun.


5, the host using live big screen LED space expansion, about the "brand story", reflect the cultural atmosphere, the full performance of XX auto show high quality, internationalization, comprehensive and characteristics of Shenzhen, for the exhibition of the XX car to create a warm and happy evening be not of the common sort production form.


6, the host revealed part of the highlights of the station, hanging fan appetite.


Six, arrange theatrical performances


Seven, arrange dinner party.


Shenzhen Oriental dragon culture that is designed to meet the organizers of corporate image and the bearing of the first party is to conduct in-depth understanding of the nature of the unit, including the organizers, the organizers of the human resources, organizers want to through this activity to achieve what purpose, what are the main party and so on, all of which require sophisticated planning and strict enforcement through on-site design was presented to the public.