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   The opening ceremony of the general enterprise involves all aspects. The work is linked with each other, interrelated and crossed. It must be arranged in a coordinated manner and carried out simultaneously. Therefore, organization, communication and coordination are very important. In order to make all the work smoothly, the company set up a leading group for celebration preparations, and divided into 3 departments, namely, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the planning department and the Ministry of internal affairs. These have been made by celebration planning companies.


   1491809571845703.jpgObjectively speaking, the opening ceremony of a unit is the full display of the economic strength and social status of this unit. From the attendance of guests to the construction of the celebration atmosphere and the overall effect of the celebration, it will give us a lateral interpretation. Generally speaking, people used the comparative method to look at the opening ceremony, such as a shopping mall at the opening ceremony, people first thought is, compared with other stores the size of the opening of the case, people will be on the new shopping mall holds a view, is cognitive degree, if a measure of good impression. To improve the degree of trust will be the main process shopping malls, intangible high quality conference services as a potential employer.


    The opening ceremony (also called the opening ceremonies) mainly for commercial activities, small store opening, large hotels, supermarkets and other business activities, the opening ceremony is not a simple process of celebration, the first step is an economic entity, image advertising. It marks the establishment of an economic entity, which shows that people from all walks of life have stood on the starting line of economic competition. The scale and atmosphere of the opening ceremony represent the demeanor and strength of an industrial and commercial enterprise. After the opening ceremony of the publicity, told the world, in the huge body of social economy, and fills a fresh commercial cell.


  In preparing for the opening ceremony, first of all, we should follow the three principles of "warm", "thrifty" and "careful" in the guiding ideology. The so-called "warm" means the ways in process of the opening ceremony in to create a lively, festive, grand and exciting atmosphere, and should not be too dull and boring. There is one of the main contents of celebration, the organization who have many years of business people in all-powerful said: "the opening ceremony should but can not lack by cutting out the superfluous, warm and grand. With the light, or dormant, get throught a thing carelessly, got to go on a field, rather than simply be omitted without."