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  After two months of silence, the tourism industry began to slowly enter the "recovery and adjustment period". The tomb-sweeping day holiday is the first small holiday after the resumption of work, and a large number of domestic demand for spring outing will be released at this time. So this is a good time for the scenic area to return to business. We must make adequate preparations, not only for epidemic prevention and control, but also for the publicity of the scenic spot. At this time the scenic area performing arts can get up!

  May 1 long holiday is also the first time for people to go out after resuming work and production. As the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve in China, people's desire for consumption, which has been suppressed for a long time due to the epidemic, is gradually ignited.

  So, "revenge" tourism is coming, the so-called "revenge" travel, mostly is said, because of the outbreak strikes a few months, well before the Spring Festival, didn't go into a bar in the middle of the night, with family and see the desire of the motherland great rivers, no cash, the in the mind feel indebted, the outbreak subsided, travel plan will immediately be on the agenda, to make up the drawback of the before.