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  As the entertainment of the latest popular words in recent years, refers to "dresser" or "disguise". In the past is the role of the guest, and now has been widely used for sex play. And the most important actors playing success or make-up effect, not out of beautiful makeup is also very difficult to play successfully.



Li Yugang's distinctive performance style, fashion, folk, dance, opera organically, his voice, sweet and melodious, give a visual auditory impact force strong audience. This is hispainstaking research and exploration efforts are inseparable. In order to do its utmost to shape the image of a good variety of stage, Li Yugang not only to learn singing, acting, dancing (including ballet, when he was 23 years old), and even delve into the makeup, clothing, and other various art skills. His every performance Pro choice fabrics, dyed color design clothing, even draw clothes on every flower, every leaf, especially the famous makeup artist Mao Geping teacher, to learn make-up techniques, each show their own makeup. From 1998 to 2006, a full 8 years, Li Yugang are studying male dress.



When we see a male version of Fan Bingbing's photos on the Internet, many people exclaimed, the male version of Fan Bingbing and miss Fan Bingbing I really was 101% similarity in the male version of the Fan Bingbing new season portrait shouting "I am not Fan Bingbing, but whether it is in the act of deliberately makeup or imitation Fan Bingbing, he said it was because he painted the Fan Bingbing makeup, will make you more like Fan Bingbing, so he can not only teach you to teach you to create more skin care tips Fan Bingbing makeup.


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